Saturday, June 18, 2011

mom-mode post #140 - on moving to

We have moved!!!

Come see me at

Thanks guys!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

mom-mode post #139 - on traveling with a toddler to Rome part one

photo by the husband

Its funny how life turns out sometimes. This past week I got to realize a lifelong dream of visiting Europe. Rome, to be exact. We packed up some of our belongings,  and enough diapers to last  five days in the city that once was the epicenter of the world.
Now, when you think Rome, you may not think "vacation with toddler", but I was surprised by  how many babies and toddlers we did see. However I mostly surprised by how well our little intrepid O did.
In addition to visiting one of the most welcoming cities I have ever been to, O - and us- got to reconnect with our beloved auntie Rhonda.
Over the next few days,  as to not to forget this once in a lifetime opportunity, I will be journaling some of the highlights, thoughts and impressions of the trip.  Hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

mom-mode post #138 - on what I'm into this June

I saw this on my friend Sheila's blog, thought it was so cool, I decided to steal it!

What I'm into this month - June 2011

on my nightstand: 'The Hunger Games' trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Let me tell you, this is some of the best fiction I've read in a long while. I finished the first one on a five-hour train ride to Istanbul. That's how fast of a read it is. Now, if you can't handle a little gruesome, I'd steer clear from these.;)

in my bible: all about me some Romans right now. Romans 8 has got to be some of my most favorite scripture.

on my television: as pathetic as it may be, I decided to watch an episode of 'Hoarders' this past week and since then I haven't stopped watching it. It is so gross and addicting.

in my kitchen: aside from the bag of m&m's I just received, it's been all about clearing out long lost items from the pantry. I've decided to not buy anything else until I've cleared out all the noodles I have stocked up. A favorite has been a yummy apple and chicken salad croissant sandwich.

in my ears: I have a confession to make, I have a country station on my Pandora. Solely because of Sugarland's 'Stuck Like Glue'. It has such a great beat! I can't believe I just admitted to listening to country music on the world wide web. I'm sure I've just lost some major cool points. I have been greatly into Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' also. Does that give me back some cool points?

and my own little add on, in my closet:
 I finally got around to cleaning up my closet, getting rid of my 'interim wardrobe', i.e. clothes I bought while I couldn't lose the baby weight. I got rid of 3 huge bags, which left my closet ready to be filled with fun new summer purchases.
I had been on the lookout for new black pumps since mine were a little outdated.  Found these at Mango and the heels were just right.

fun flats mama bought me at the airport on our out from Brazil. It's just finally warming up enough that I can wear it with my fun skirts!

I'm in love with this shirt, specially the sleeves. It was a cheap little pazar find.


don't look too closely. This is my first attempt at sewing a skirt. It will probably go down as the ugliest skirt in the world. But hey, I'm chasing a dream, and I won't go down without a fight!

This is by far my most favorite and special purchase. A fresh new purse in a nice summery color, with a shoulder strap -- a must when you are mother of a busy little boy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

mom-mode post #136 -on "anneanneler' and 'babaanneler'

Every morning after we get breakfast and get out of our pjs, O and I head to the park.
This time of day is perfect for a little toddler learning the ropes of the playground. The big bully kids are off to school, which makes the job easier for this mama.
Yesterday another little kiddo joined us at the park, only a few months older than O. He had two older ladies with him. I quickly assumed one of them was his grandma. We started chatting and that's when I realized that this lucky little boy was being swung by not only his anneanne (grandma from mom's side) but also by his babaanne (grandma from dad's side). They told me about how his mother works, so they get to keep everyday, all day while she's out. Friends, I can't lie to you, but my hear just sank a little. Because right now I can only dream of a day when O will be flanked side by side by his babaanne( gram) and his anneanne (vovo). I am blessed to get to stay home with my boy, yet when I saw that scene my heart just got a little blue for O. I guess I just get all sentimental when it comes to grandparental relationships. As my daddy lost his parents while still in college and my mama's parents were of old age and health by the time I came along. That little boy at the park, loved (and a little spoiled) by his two grandmas, reminded me of my own lack of grandmas. I'm so thankful that O is so blessed to have two of the best women I will ever know as his grandmas. Here's my prayer that someday he will get to go to the park with both of his grandmas in tow.

to Gram and Vovo: you guys rock.

Friday, May 27, 2011

mom-mode post #135 - on having to change my diet

If you know me, you know how I'm not necessarily known for my healthy eating choices. I try to watch my portions, but other than that, it's pretty much a free-for-all fest.
I'm also a closet picky eater. When I'm out at a friend's house or traveling, I'll eat anything (dog, liver, cow's stomach), but at home, if you really inspect my diet, there are only a few handful of items I eat everyday. In fact, I could go days without eating a proper meal. Just snacking on the same favorite snacks.

Lately O has been a on this kick of trying anything we eat. He looks at you with sad puppy eyes, points to whatever you are eating and mumbles a slew of unintelligible words that probably translate into: 'can I please have a bite? Pleeeeeeeeeeeasssse??'

If we're at home, I can offer him some other healthier snack option. But when you are at a picnic with friends, he gets to eat a treat or two:

Mama and son who share a love of chocolate together, stick together?
Needless to say, this mama needs to start making some healthier choices if she wants to instill lifelong healthy eating habits in her precious offspring.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

mom-mode post #135 - on little boys at the park

Yesterday the sun finally came out. So we packed up our stuff ( well I packed up our stuff) and rushed to the park. It was such a relief to be out near a little bit of nature and water and not feel like the city is closing in on us. Some days I swear it feels like it is.

First we stopped for lunch, mommy had to have her diet coke. She let me hold the can, but wouldn't let me take a sip!

Then I decided it was time to explore. Mommy didn't like me getting to close to the water. I fought her big time. But she won.
Then I played on the playground. I love the playground. I love to follow the big kids around and scream real loud in excitement. I'm not a huge fan of the swings, but I love to climb up the stairs to go down the slides.

All in all, it was a nice break from the crazy busy and rainy days we've had. We'll certainly have to do it again!

Monday, May 16, 2011

mom-mode post #134 - on mr.ben and mr.jerry

Yesterday I unassumingly walked into my local grocery store looking for a Magnum bar. If you've never had one. These ice cream candy bars on a stick are the perfect companion for the first real spring day of the year.

But I digress. I'm not here to talk about magnum bars today. Immediately I spot it from the corner of my eye, a light purple freezer with the words 'Ben & Jerry' painted on it. Having lived here a while, I knew not to let my heart believe that just because there's a freezer does it mean that there's ice cream. But living overseas you also learn to check every square inch of your grocery store, because you never know what hidden treasures you may uncover.

I pushed the stroller a little faster, walked/ran to said purple freezer and much to my disappointment there was ice cream in there alright, but none we could call worthy of mr.ben and jerry. Then just as I'm about to close the freezer door, I see it. Two little pints of 'chunky monkey' goodness. Still a bit incredulous, I only bought one pint. Afraid that it might not taste quite right.

But when I got home after a delicious pizza dinner to celebrate the husband's fourth place in his first photo competition, I placed two perfectly smooth scoops in a bowl and tasted the best ice cream I've had in quite a while.

I'll probably gain a pound or two from eating it all. Because I am certainly not sharing it with anyone!